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Why 930 Fitness?

My mother, Karen, died when I was 9 after a battle with breast cancer. As I have gotten older, I have stopped seeing my mother solely through the eyes of a daughter, and learning more about her as a woman and as a young mother. She spent a lot of my young life wishing she were different - smaller, fitter, a different version of herself where she could be happier and more confident in her body.

What I know from the other side of the looking glass is that the time she spent wishing herself different was the only time we had together. She was diagnosed with cancer shortly after having my brother and me. I would like to believe that had she known how little time we had, she would have worked to love her body. That she would have  put the energy she sunk into wishing she was different into loving herself and the time she had with our family. 

My wish for all of us, young, young at heart, tall, short, big and small - is that we love ourselves with the limited time we have on earth. That we work our bodies, our minds and our souls from a place of love and gratitude. With this goal and wish in mind, I named my business 930 Fitness after my mom, whose birthday was September 30th.

About: About Me

About Me

Hey, I'm Andrea and I could talk to you about fitness and wellness for hours. I love it. I love challenging myself, I love challenging you - in a way that supports your goals. When I began earning my bachelor's degree, I walked in to my first class, I remember distinctly looking around and feeling like I finally found where I was supposed to be. Aside from my passion about fitness and wellbeing, I'm a mom of 3 boys and my life is chaos. I love my family, my friends,  reading, dogs, the beach, and seeking joy every day. And cake, I also really love cake. 

I have been in the fitness industry since 2003. My training philosophy is to meet you and your body exactly where you are, and to help you progress in a way that feels good and supports your goals. My goal is for you to feel strong, powerful and confident. For fitness, I offer individual personal training, small group personal training (up to 3 people) and small group fitness classes, primarily outdoors. For Intuitive Eating, I am excited to begin offering informational sessions, small group and 1:1 opportunities. 

Health and fitness have always been important to me. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, a Masters of Public Health degree in health education and disease prevention, both from The George Washington University. I am an American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Exercise Instructor. I am also TRX suspension training certified, penalty box certified and a Master Certified Health Education Specialist through the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing. I am newly certified as an Intuitive Eating Counselor and am excited to begin offering services for this important work. No matter your journey, I will use all the tools I have to help inspire you.

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