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Do you charge extra for nutritional guidance and a diet plan?

I do not currently offer nutrition services. I am a Health at Every Size practitioner and am working toward an Intuitive Eating certification. I am able to talk about nutrition from an education perspective, and I would love to help you find a healthier, more balanced and less emotional approach to eating but I am not a registered dietitian. I also deeply believe that we need to separate movement and nutrition from the desire to change our body shape or size, so that we can reconnect with feelings of happiness and feelings of satisfaction in our bodies.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

I think that's up to you to decide! Maybe I'm the exact right fit for you - maybe I'm not your cup of tea. Either way it's fine by me. All fitness professionals have their strengths, hopefully mine meet your need. Logistically, I am different because I will come to you to train you in a location that is convenient for you. I am all about making health and fitness work for you.

What types of home fitness equipment do you recommend?

I can work with whatever you have (even if that is nothing), and I have plenty of portable equipment that I can provide. As we progress together, if you choose to invest in additional equipment, I can help you with that decision.

Where do I start and what can I expect?

Where you feel most comfortable! If you are new to personal training, I recommend we start with 30 minute sessions. Each personal training relationship will start with a talk about your goals and health, and a short consultation for me to understand more about your body. From there I'll design a program for you to reach those goals, and we'll get started!

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